Basrah College of Medicine – University of Basrah

Dear graduates ,

It is important   for our college to maintain ties with its for  our college to maintain ties with its graduates. This relationship is very useful to the college, its students, the curriculum and also to the graduates themselves.

For these reasons, the college established a site for graduates in general and the college included a site for graduates in general and  the graduates at the year 2011/2012 in particular on its website(www.http://gd.basmedcol.edu.iq ) . This site aims at:

1-    Obtaining a feedback from graduates on the subjects in which they might be deficient in order to update our curriculum that serve the find aim of graduating a safe doctor.

2-    Knowing the progress made by the graduates in their professional life, the awards they may obtain, and the positions they may occupy.

3-    Keeping the graduates informed about the activities conducted by the college and inviting them to attend and participate in these activities.

4-     Distributing email questionnaires to tackle different types of subjects.

We hope that our graduates will keep in touch with us through the college email( unbascol@yahoo.com), (medical.college@uobasrah.edu.iq), and  requesting all other graduates to send us their emails for future contact.

Best Wishes

The Dean